Marketing Data Analytics

Marketing analytics helps you understand your customers and their motivations, forming the cornerstone of an effective marketing campaign. Our experts provide you with in-depth data analysis you can use to target the right buyers with the right message at the right time for greater marketing campaign ROI.

Customer data


We'll help you significantly reduce costs by verifying the quality of your customer data and removing duplicate entries. As part of the data cleansing process, our Marketing Data & Analytics team identifies and corrects improper casings, extraneous data values and non-standardized data.

Better data quality also means greater confidence in whom you're reaching, enabling you to personalize messages and potentially increase response rates.

Personalization data


Our data experts can help you build a detailed profile of each person buying your products or services, allowing you to personalize campaigns and leverage the most cost-effective media channels. They integrate multiple sources of information to understand not only who your customers are and where they live, but how they live. So you can better identify what products most appeal to a given customer, and how they're likely to shop for it.


Using RFM segmentation, we sort your customers based on the recency, frequency and monetary amount of their purchases. These insights allow you to adjust the content and timing of your campaign to ensure maximum responsiveness. Dividing your customer list based on past purchasing behavior enables you to develop different versions of a marketing vehicle for different segments.

Targeting data


We offer a variety of sophisticated matching techniques that connect shopping behavior to a specific marketing stimulus. We'll help pinpoint offers that are working, stores that are bringing in the most sales, and marketing pieces that are delivering the highest response rates.

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