CGI Advertising Animation
Augmented Reality Packaging

CGI Advertising/
Animation in Augmented Reality
Client: Sprecher Brewing

CHALLENGE Milwaukee's Sprecher Brewing Company wanted to create a splash for a new
product – hard root beer – by launching augmented reality from their packaging. They came to Creative Solutions (Media Solutions?) to concept an experience that would appeal to their audience, as well as to update the packaging design to support augmented reality.
SOLUTION We developed a short, CGI-based advertising animation of barrels rolling out of the
package – a nod to how the product's created, as well as old-world craftsmanship. A video of the bottling process then appeared to play on the side of the package. One of the upturned barrels
became a button driving viewers to a mobile landing page for the product.
RESULTS The product met with tremendous success, quickly selling out in test markets. The augmented reality experience became a fun, easy way to give consumers a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process, as well as to drive them to the web, so they could learn more about the new product, and share through social media.